Review: Supergirl Volume 1!

Supergirl Vol. 1: Last Daughter of Krypton 

Art by: Bill Reinhold, Dan Green & Mahmud Asrar

Written by: Mike Johnson & Michael Green

After a super stressful week it was really wonderful to spend a sunny day in my favourite coffee shop with my girlfriend, a stack of comics and a hot chocolate. I had a size able stack of floppies to catch up on this weekend and they were all amazing but the best read of the weekend was one that’s been sitting patiently on my shelf for almost a year now! Supergirl volume 1 was a trade I considered reading almost every week but never chose, who knows why! The cover is beautiful, the art is incredible and to top it off its one of my girlfriends favourites! We even have a beautiful Supergirl action figure I gave her for her birthday last year displayed pretty proudly in our living room. Basically, it’s about damn time I read this book!

tumblr_nogi8riD7W1so8jt6o1_1280 So I finally did and I loved it just as much as I thought I would! In fact I loved it so much that when we came home I immediately picked up that action figure and studied it with new heart-eyes!

First of all this book is incredibly new-reader friendly, not only for new Supergirl readers but also readers who are relatively new to DC. So long as you know who Superman is there’s nothing standing in the way of confusion-free reading! Kara is a really relatable, likable character. She may have grown up on a completely different planet but her experiences are easily translatable and this made me immediately root for her.

When Kara arrives on earth she’s lost and confused, she finds herself under attack from some creepy robot dudes speaking a language she can’t understand and to top it all off she’s developing some pretty crazy powers all of a sudden. So that’s a little less relatable! But at this point I really cared about Kara so much that I didn’t need any shortcuts to relate to her, I was tight there with her. She’s drawn so beautifully and you can see every little hint of emotion on her face.

I’ve never been a fan of Superman, I’ve always found him pretty boring but I genuinely liked how he was used in the start of Kara’s story. I worried that he would be given too much focus and Kara would be a secondary character in her own book or portrayed as a weaker version of Superman, but I was wrong to worry. Clarke was used as a tool to fill us in on a little back story and give Kara some important information. It also made me kind of happy to see her take him in a fight, I can’t lie! Kara’s powers are diverse and interesting and her growth was nicely paced. The plot was quick but balanced and the villains were ruthless and a little terrifying in their power. I loved how this arc flew through emotions so fast and seamlessly, letting each old their own weight without dragging the story down. I really felt her sadness, anger, loneliness, fear and ultimately her strength and hope. It was immersive and gripping and I can’t wait to read volume two!




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