Pull List: May 20th!

My Pull List this week is a thing of beauty! It isn’t the biggest week and I’m super happy about that because I have a couple first issues that I’ve really been looking forward to.

Secret Wars is probably the first event I’ve ever really looked forward too, there are so many SW books that I’m keen to read and so far I’m really enjoying the main title. (Psst I made a Guide to Secret Wars, you can watch it here!)

The book that first caught my attention was A-Force, as soon as it was announced I pre-ordered it (plus a variant or two!) and today it’s finally here! I was so excited for this book that I couldn’t wait for the floppies to arrive so I also got a digital version! I have read it and I’m going to review it on my YouTube channel so I won’t say too much!

A-Force is set on an Island called Arcadia which is protected by an all-star team of Marvel women; She-Hulk, Storm, Sister Grimm, Captain Marvel, Rogue and practically every other bad-ass Marvel lady ever! All being written by Marguerite Bennett and G. Willow Wilson… It’s almost too good to be true!

This week I’m also grabbing Secret Wars: Battleworld #1 and Ultimate End #1. I’m almost a little nervous to read Ultimate End, I’m such a massive fan of the Ultimate Universe and I’ll be sad to see it go.

But I am excited to see what’s going to happen to some of my favourite Ultimate characters like Miles, Ganke and Ultimate!Kitty.

Battleworld #1 is pretty exciting too, after so much build-up it’ll be so cool to finally see Battleworld, especially since we’re going to be there for quite a while!

UFOlogy #2 is also out this week. (Pssssssst! I reviewed #1!) It’s about a small town where some pretty weird stuff is happening cough*aliens*cough.

The first issue had really beautiful colours, interesting characters and a super creepy ending so I’m looking forward to learning a little more about what the heck is going on!  Plus I really love that cover, so far both covers have accurately represented what you get in the book, the beautiful colours and the creepy, spooky tone and I really appreciate that! Covers that have nothing to do with their books are such a pet peeve of mine!

One of my very favourite books comes out this week, Lumberjanes #14! I’m actually little obsessed with this book, it’s just so cute and fun and kind-hearted.

In this issue the girls face a freak snow storm and a mysterious taxidermist who rides a moose. You know, the usual.

Shutter #12 is out this week, I’m a little behind on this one despite it being one of my favourites.

I’m considering trade-waiting on Shutter because I do find it more satisfying to read in collected form. It’s a super fun, super strange book with a bad ass main character and an adorable cat clock who bakes cookies and is perpetually happy… Why the hell am I behind on that?!

Jem and the Holograms #3!!! I’m in love with this book, it’s so fun and sparkly and I kind of want to be Kimber…

Plus this one gets bonus points for body diversity and rad hairstyles.

(Pssst! I did a review of #1…do you hate me yet?!)

So that’s my pull list for this week, short and super sweet!

Let me know what you’re reading!




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