Pull List: July 15th!

(So that schedule I set didn’t go so well! Take two!)

This week’s pull is so strong I’m already having trouble trying to decide what to read first! I have a bunch of my favourites, one first issue, a couple of second issues and one comic that I’ve been waiting quite a while for.


You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

Hawkeye #22 is finally here! I mean I really hope it is, after such a long wait I keep expecting it to disappear or Hawkeye #22turn out to be a mirage or maybe a very long dream…

It’s been such an incredible run, not many books could survive so many delays and still have such loyal readers but Hawkeye deserves the love. It’s been consistently good enough to make up for such inconsistent releases. Every component fit so perfectly together and created such a fun, moving series. I’m so hopeful that this last issue will end on such a strong note.

Sticking with Marvel for a bit I have four Secret Wars tie-ins: Siege #1, Captain Marvel & the Carol Corps #2, Battleworld #3 and Years of Future Past #3.

unnamed (1) unnamed (4) unnamed (6)

Siege #1 is the last Secret Wars #1 I’ll be trying as it’s all a little too excessive at this point! It’s about the Shield which where residents of Battleworld are sent if they get on Doom’s bad side, although I’m not so sure he has a good side. Abigail Brand is in charge of overlooking the Shield which is a large part of why I’m picking this one up, she’s pretty hard to say no to!

Captain Marvel & the Carol Corps is tinged with a little sadness now that Kelly Sue DeConnick has announced she’ll be leaving after Secret Wars, so I’m going to do my best to enjoy every issue as much as I can. Kelly Sue has created something so special over the last few years so I intend the make the most of these last few issues.

I’ve been finding the main Secret Wars tie-ins difficult to keep up with, I just can’t convince myself to pick them up and actually read them. So I’m a little behind on Battleworld but I’m going to try to catch up this week with #3.

Years of Future Past #3 is out this week! I’m really loving this series so far, #2 was a really strong issue and I can’t wait to see where the story goes. I love how Marguerite Bennett writes Christine, she’s such a sweet endearing character with all of the wisdom and compassion of Kitty and Colossus. Plus, Lockheed is here!


I loved Black Canary #1 so much, I’ve read it at least 4 times since it came out so I’m super excited for #2! The cover is so beautiful and after such an incredible first issue I cannot wait to read more. This new direction is a perfect fit for Dinah and overall it’s one of my favourite comics I’ve read it in a while. I reviewed #1, you can watch it here!

Doomed was another first issue I really liked last month. I wasn’t planning on reading it but I grabbed it on a whim and loved it. It was a fun read and immediately had me invested, I have no idea where the story is going but I’m happily adding it to my pull.

unnamed doo unnamed (2)

Giant Days #5 is out this week, it recently got extended from 6 issues to 12 and I’m pretty delighted. I wasn’t completely sold on the first issue but it’s gone from strength to strength since and now I’m smitten!

And to top off such a good week one of my very favourites is out this week – Lumberjanes #16! I’m still pretty devastated that Noelle Stevenson is leaving after #17 but I don’t think anything can stop the Lumberjanes excitement, especially since in this issue we meet some riot grrl mermaids!

unnamed (3)

That’s my pull for this week! Let me know what you’re picking up!




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