My Favourite Comic Book Art!

Hi everyone!

One of my videos this week was the Courtship Tag in which I mentioned some of my favourite writers. The tag was originally intended for booktubers and there are no questions about art so I thought today I could talk about some of my favourite artists and the comics they’ve worked on!

1. David Aja | Hawkeye


David Aja‘s work on Hawkeye was incredible. While Matt Fraction’s writing was some of the best I’ve read it was the art that really solidified Hawkeye’s spot on the top of my pull list. Aja’s style is so distinctive, from the very first panel my eyes were hungry for more.

For the most part Hawkeye wasn’t an action-packed series, it had a real day-in-the-life tone and Aja’s art fit that tone perfectly. The movement and energy he brought to the action scenes was beautiful but the slower scenes were never flat or boring by comparison. The balance was always just right. The characters emotions were always so clear and never felt forced or too obvious. If you were to focus purely on the art you would still understand everything that was happening and still get a real sense of who each character is and I think that’s amazing.


2. Madeleine Flores | Help Us! Great Warriortumblr_njmt6qYWfo1s3ae1io1_1280

If you’ve seen any of my videos this won’t come as a surprise, it’s safe to say that I’m a little obsessed with this book! I’m a big fan of clear, clean art. I love smooth lines, simple shapes and everything adorable and Madeleine Flores does all of that perfectly in Help Us! Great Warrior. Her work is so fun has such a sweet, friendly feel. She can convey so much with so little and make so many amazing little characters using tiny changes to give each their own distinctive personality. The facial expressions in Help Us! Great Warrior are some of the highlights and regularly make me laugh out loud!


3. Elsa Charretier | Infinite Loop


The art of Infinite Loop is so beautiful: it’s energetic and fun, full of smooth lines and tiny details and always flows wonderfully. The panels are constantly changing and doing things I’ve never seen before and that makes the series consistently exciting! Each month I look forward to seeing what the story will bring but even more so I look forward to seeing what new and amazing things Elsa Charretier‘s art will bring!InfiniteLoop_02-pr-3

Who are some of your favourite artists?




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