BEDA Day 3: BookTubeAThon!


Today is the first day of BookTubeAThon!

It’s a week-long readathon that comes with a set of seven challenges (as well as a whole bunch of daily challenges) and promises to be a ton of fun. I tend to fail pretty badly at readathons which makes no sense considering I’m always reading! This time around I decided to start as I intend to continue: in the most comfortable old sweatpants I own, drinking far too much tea and reading some incredible books.

I decided to kick off the week with Nimona by Noelle Stevenson! I will be writing a full review of Nimona because oh my gosh I loved it so much. I followed that with some Birds of Prey written by Chuck Dixon and Batgirl written by Gail Simone. After such a lovely day reading some great comics I’m so excited to see how much I can read this week. Readathons are a brilliant way to bust through a reading slump or tear down a towering TBR pile and the sense of community makes it so much fun.

So, I’ve come up with a couple of handy tips for making the most of a readathon:

1. Don’t stress. It’s easy to be competitive when it comes to readathons and to feel like you absolutely must read more than everyone else. This is where I fall every time! I let myself get so stressed about reading that I completely forget to enjoy it. Having fun is the whole point and no one will judge you if you don’t read a million books!

2. Don’t force yourself to read something you aren’t enjoying. If a book just isn’t holding your attention or you straight up don’t like it just put it down and move one to something you do like. You don’t have to read everything, especially if you aren’t enjoying yourself!

3. Take a break. After a while I find myself reading the same lines over and over or finishing books with no memory of what I just read which, let’s be honest, is just silly. It’s ok to take a break when you need one, you can’t expect your brain to read every hour of every day. Switch off and do something else for a while, there’s no point forcing yourself to read if your brain just doesn’t want to!

If you’re taking part in BookTubeAThon let me know how your first day went! If you aren’t it isn’t too late! If there’s anything you think I should read I’d love any suggestions.

Today I completed two of the seven challenges:
1. Read a book with blue on the cover
2. Read a book by an author who shares the same first letter of your last name
3. Read someone else’s favourite book Batgirl Vol. 1!
4. Read the last book you acquired Nimona!
5. Finish a book without letting go of it
6. Read a book you really want to read
7. Read seven books




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