BEDA Day 4: Pull List August 5th

Hi everyone!

One of my very favourite comics is out this week, Morning Glories! I can’t believe issue #47 is here. We’re getting so close to #50 I’m already nervous about what’s in store when we hit that half way mark! Every issue is a roller coaster so I can only imagine how many twists we’re going to be hit with soon.


I’ve really been enjoying UFOlogy so much. It’s creepy and spooky but so sweet. This is #4 in a six issue mini-series so I’m really starting to look forward to finding out where the story is going. I love the colouring in this one, it’s so beautiful and I really like to take my time reading each issue to really take in all of the details and colours.

The Woods #15 is out this week! This is another favourite, it has some of the best characters and relationships. I love all of the twists and turns in this one, you never know what could happen or what terrifying monster is going to pop out of the woods.


The Wicked + the Divine #15 is out and I’m ashamed to say I’m a couple of issues behind. Wicdiv is an incredible book, so incredible that one issue at a time just isn’t enough! Who knows, maybe this week will be the week I finally bite the bullet and find out what the heck has been going on!

Ultimate End #4 is the penultimate issue in this mini-series and it’s all getting very dramatic! The cover for this one caused a bit of a stir when it was revealed. Miles Morales standing on a literal pile of dead superheroes? I’m almost nervous to see if the cover is indicative of what’s to come in these last two issues.

I’m trying one new title this week with Dark Corridor #1. This is a new ongoing title from Image and the premise sounds amazing. It’s set in Red Circle, a city completely run by Mobsters who suddenly find themselves under a stealthy silent attack by unidentified female assassins!

Let me know what you’ll be picking up this week as well as if there are any issues you’d like me review. I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far!




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