BEDA Day 5: New Comics!

My pull list has suffered some loss recently. I’ve dropped a couple of titles that I just wasn’t enjoying anymore and some of my favourites ended or are due to end soon. So while I’m mourning the loss of Help Us! Great Warrior and trying to prepare for the end of Infinite Loop (ironic, I know) I’m going to take some time to celebrate some of the sparkly new additions to my pull-list!

  1. Prez

STK675945It’s the year 2036, America is a mess and teenager Beth Ross has just been voted President of the United States on twitter!

There have been two issues of Prez so far and its promising to be a really fun interesting series. Beth is relatable and likeable and while her world is definitely over-the-top it’s familiar enough to give you an uneasy feeling in the pit of your tummy. The panels are busy but the art style is a nice middle point between smooth and scribble-y that fits the tone of the book perfectly.



2. Power Up

tumblr_nrhzkoFHgF1qa10uwo4_1280Power Up is only one issue into a six issue run and I’m incredibly excited for what’s to come! The story is about three people and a fish who are granted cosmic powers and the adventures these powers lead to.

The first issue was cute, sweet and funny and a wonderful introduction to some characters I think I’m really going to fall in love with. The writing is everything you would expect from Kate Leth – snappy, quirky and adorable. The art and colouring are beautiful. Power Up brings representation and body diversity and punches gender-stereotypes right in the face!


3. Bombshells

DC_Comics_Bombshells_1Bombshells won’t be released in print until later in August but the first two issues have been released digitally and they’re incredible. Bombshells is a World War II AU story all about the women of DC. It gives them some new origin stories and really plays with canon in a wonderful way.

I loved the focus on Kate and Maggie’s relationship in the first issue, they’re so sweet together. The art is amazing, I had to stop myself from screen-capping every single panel! One of my favourite things about Bombshells is how the dialogue is very typically 1940’s but never feels cheesy or forced.

I cannot recommend this series enough!


Have you added anything new to your pull-list recently?





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