BEDA Day 6: Female Friendships in Comics!

Hi everyone!

Today’s BEDA post is a video! That doesn’t count as cheating, does it?

Today I wanted to talk about some great female friendships in comics in celebration of not only these awesome comics but also the amazing friends I’ve made over the past couple of months.

My YouTube channel and blog have brought some truly wonderful people into my life, people I couldn’t have met otherwise. I’m so grateful for them and I thought I’d let them know! So here are just some of the super lovely YouTube friends I’ve been lucky enough to get to know recently!

Sarah @ BeardedNun

If alternate universes exist Sarah and I are definitely AU versions of each other. She’s passionately feminist and Pretty Little Liars obsessed and I could probably talk to her forever. Her videos always make me laugh and her representation focused videos are perfection. If you like April Ludgate you’ll love Sarah’s channel and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love April Ludgate?

Sammie @ SammieReads

I ADORE Sammie, she’s endlessly fun and incredibly easy to talk to and her channel is almost too good. Her videos are charming and full of her adorable personality. I challenge you not to instantly love Sammie! She’s my favourite cutesy warrior for sure.

Francesca @ FrancescaBologna

Francesca’s comic and statue collections are the stuff of dreams! She’s such a kind person and it really shows in all of her videos. She’s so sweet and friendly to everyone and oh my gosh her dog is the cutest!

Millie @ MillieAkers

Millie is too cute. Her weekly videos are so endearing and her super sweet personality and cheery attitude are magnetic! She’s also always in-the-know and can point you towards some great books.

Cami @ Reader1717

Cami might the nicest person you’ll ever meet. She’s so kind and thoughtful. Her videos are wonderful and her lovely comments always fill my day with positivity. She always has something interesting to add to any conversation!

I’m going to stop here but I could go on forever, the YouTube comics community is full of amazing people and I’m very lucky to call these ladies my friends!

Be sure to check out their channels!




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