BEDA Day 8: Post Con Reflections

It’s currently 2am and I just arrived home from Dublin Comic Con 2015. This might be the sleepiest I have ever been. Actually this may be the sleepiest ANYONE has ever been. I had a wonderful day which I promise to tell you all about in tomorrow’s (technically today but shhh) post but here are some highlights for now!

  1. After waking at 6am and taking a four hour bus we were sleepy, hungry and cranky as hell. Luckily our bus passes right by the Convention Center and our grumpiness disappeared as soon as we saw the gigantic queue already forming. I was pretty stunned by the sheer amount of people and thrilled by the incredible costumes. There were so many adorable little Deadpool kids running around and wreaking havoc!
  2. Nicholas Brendan casually stood beside me and we made contact and I did a super lame wave because what the heck are you supposed to do when Xander is just standing right in front of you?!
  3. Artists Alley was ridiculously great, I got some beautiful art and met some lovely people. So much talent in one room!
  4. The whole day was a giant bubble of positivity. Witnessing everyone being so kind to each other and just bursting with complements was wonderful. Large crowds and noisy environments tend to make me really anxious so I was a little nervous about the whole day but I had nothing to worry about, everyone was so friendly and sweet!

I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow and show you all of the pictures but right now it’s finally sleep time!

Good night!




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