BEDA Day 11: Pull list August 12th

Hi everyone!

I’m really happy with this week’s pull-list, some of my favourite books are out as well as some of my go-to cheer up books!


A-Force #3

I love this series so far, it’s one of the highlights of Secret Wars for me for sure. I’m so excited to see more of Singularity and learn more about her and how she wound up on Arcadia!

Constantine the Hellblazer #3

This is another series I’ve been really enjoying. After completely ignoring the first issue I picked up both issue one and two based on some recommendations and adored them! I reviewed both issues on this blog so if you want to see just how much I swooned you can read that here.

Orphan Black #5

Thank goodness for this comic getting me through the cold dark months without Orphan Black! It’s so cool getting more in depth with each of the clones and revisiting things that happened all the way back in season one.


Gotham Academy #9

This series is so much fun and the art is just so beautiful I could stare at it forever. I love Olive and Maps and I always look forward to seeing what shenanigans they’ll get up too next. This month’s shenanigans include werewolves!

Secret Wars #5

Why can’t I convince myself to catch up with the main Secret Wars title?! Every month I tell myself to step it up damn it, but here we are! Issue five is begging to be read and issues three and four have lost all hope! Maybe this will be the week? Probably not…

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #8

This book makes me so happy I could read every issue over and over. Doreen is so positive and the humour is always so on point. No one is ever the butt of the joke and every issue makes me smile from start to finish. Then for a couple of hours afterwards!

Years of Future Past #3

I love this comic. I LOVE it. The writing is beautiful, the art is gorgeous and the story is super interesting. I’m enjoying getting to know Christine and I can’t wait for more storm!

Let me know what you’ll be picking up this week!




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