BEDA Day 12: Why You Should Read Morning Glories!


To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Morning Glories you can now download the first volume completely for free! Based on the amount of tweets I’ve received in the last 24 hours I think it’s safe to assume that most of you already know that I’m slightly obsessed with this comic. Ok, maybe a little more than slightly.

I mention it in what could definitely be considered too many of my videos and I’ve come embarrassingly close to chucking the books at people in a desperate attempt to share the perfection on more than one occasion.

Morning Glories is about six exceptional students who have just been accepted into the prestigious Morning Glory Academy. When they arrive they start to notice that things just aren’t quite right. In fact a lot of things are very, very wrong.

So just in case my deep, deep love isn’t enough to convince you, here are a couple of reasons why you should be reading Morning Glories!

The characters. They may not be lovable, heck some of them may not even be likable but they’re endlessly interesting and endearing. The core cast of characters may seem a little too familiar at first; the emo girl with a ton of eyeliner, the rich entitled womanizing white boy, the quiet mysterious boy – they might seem like empty stereotypes but consider that the first of a bazillion tricks this book will play on you! The cast grows and grows and I have a new favourite every couple of issues.morning_glories-joe-eismaThe details. One of my favourite aspects of Morning Glories is all of those tiny infuriating details hiding in every panel. The whole story is a mystery wrapped in an enigma wearing a jumper made of 100% frustration. That might sound like a nightmare but it’s the most fun I’ve ever had with a book. I’ve read every single issue at least 5 times and I could do it again because every time I find something new, one more tiny clue as to what the hell is happening in this creepy school. I love it, I straight up LOVE it.

The fandom. My love for Morning Glories might seem a little intense but trust me, I’m not alone in it! After the release of each issue you can pop along to a group chat and theorize with fellow MG addicts!


The creators. Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma are not only immensely talented but also incredibly lovely. It’s always obvious how much they care about this book, they’re always communicating with fans and making everyone feel involved. For a lot of the earlier issues they even took part in a podcast in which they talk in-depth about each issue and drop a couple of sneaky clues! All of this makes it easy to trust that they know exactly where the story is going and all of that re-reading isn’t in vain!

Unpredictability. Literally anything could happen! So many unexpected things happen in every issue that at this point I’ve come to accept that there are no limits to how bonkers this book can get. It’s pretty great.

This. This little chunk of dialogue might be my favourite ever, Zoe gets it.

tumblr_n4o43jonf81tv58pco1_500 tumblr_n4o43jonf81tv58pco2_500

You can find the first volume of Morning Glories here or on Comixology here.

Let me know if you read it so we can come up with some theories that will no doubt be completely wrong!




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