BEDA Day 13: Webcomics!

Sometimes it can be tough to be a comics fan. It seems like everyday brings some new drama. Which company offended who today? Which writer said what rude thing? Which book messed up in which awful way?

Don’t get me wrong, I adore comics. They are my happy place. But when your happy place is consistently being littered by people who should really know better it can sting a little. Luckily, the world of comics has one safe little island you can always count on when things are looking grim, somewhere full of diversity and rainbows and sunshine: webcomics.

I have a lot of love and deep appreciation for webcomic creators. Their content is made out of pure love and passion which is exactly what makes them so wonderful. Webcomic creators have complete control over what they produce and with no one telling them to add just a dash more essence of cis white straight dude or an extra sprinkle of ignorance they create some incredible stories.

My RSS feed-reader is jammed full of amazing webcomics, some of which I look forward to even more than some of the books on my pull-list. A large part of why I look forward to these stories so much is the fact that I trust them and the people who make them. Unlike traditional print comics from the big companies (cough*Marvel*cough), webcomics tend to be made by people who have a shared experience with the characters they write. You want characters of colour written by people of colour? Queer characters written by queer people? Ta-da! Webcomics!

Webcomics typically contain roughly a bajillion times more diversity than mainstream print comics (quote me). No matter how you identify you can find a webcomic about someone just like you and no doubt the art will be cute as heck.

When the pool of queer comics seems to be running a little dry I turn right to webcomics and always find something new and wonderful to read. If I love a story I’ll usually follow the writer/artist on twitter and so far literally every single one of them has proven to be just as interesting and lovely as the stories they create.

I’m so grateful for these people who put so much time, effort and heart into what they do. Webcomics are a safe haven in the world of comics and I love them for it.

Basically this is a long-winded way to tell you that you can look forward to more recommendations and reviews of webcomics both here and on my channel!

Do you read any webcomics you think I should check out?




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