BEDA Day 14: Dear New Comics Readers

Dear new comics readers,

There’s a lot of advice I could give you but I’m willing to bet you’ve heard all of it before. You probably know all about bags and boards and pull-lists already (if not don’t worry, it’s all pretty simple!) so I’m going to skip right past all of that.

Honestly there’s only one thing I think you really need to hear if you’re starting to get into comics, so here goes:

Don’t stress about knowing everything. It can feel like you need to know every detail about every comic ever made but I promise you don’t.

It can be daunting and overwhelming when so much exists and so many people are passionate about all of it. It can feel like you’ll never catch up or be accepted as a “true” comics fan. But the truth is that you’re in the best, most enviable position right now!

You have all of your favourite comics ahead of you. Stories and characters that will make you happy or help you through a bad day are right there waiting for you. I’d kill to read my favourites for the first time again! All of the classics, the books everyone seems to rave about? You get to experience them for the first time.

That’s incredibly cool and exciting so please don’t let the pressure to be an instant expert ruin the experience for you. Take your time, find stories you love and enjoy yourself.

You don’t need to read everything and you don’t need to be an endless fountain of facts. All you need to do is read what you want and have fun doing it!




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