BEDA Day 15: Magical Girls!

I’m pretty passionate about all things pink.

In my early teens I rebelled HARD against everything typically feminine and therefore a lot of my instinctive loves. I thought that loving feminine things was a sign of weakness, thanks a bunch internalised misogyny. I genuinely felt that in order to be taken seriously I would have to suppress my love of all things pink and cute and sparkly. It took a while to realise how incredibly wrong I was but eventually I got there, in part because of a slight addiction to all things Magical Girl inspired!

Shows like Sailor Moon and Cardcaptors had a huge effect on me, they showed me that I could be feminine and powerful at the same time and that I should never feel I need to sacrifice one for the other. I still have a lot of love for those shows and jump right at anything that seems even a little bit Magical Girl inspired.

So today I want to talk about three Magical Girl Stories!

tumblr_nrhzkoFHgF1qa10uwo4_1280Power Up!

I know I’ve talked about Power Up a ton but obviously I had to mention it here! It’s a new mini-series from Boom! Studios written by Kate Leth with art and colours by Matt Cummings.

This is new, refreshing take on the classic magical girl stories and had a really strong first issue. So far all of the characters seem super interesting and relatable and I can’t wait to learn more about them. The art and colours are incredibly beautiful and fit perfectly with the writing. I know I’ve said it all before but I can’t recommend it enough!

Princess Love♥Pon

This is one of my absolute favourite webcomics and it’s still relatively new so you shouldn’t have any problem catching up! It’s written and illustrated by the super talented Shauna J. Grant.

Princess Love♥Pon is about Lia, an adorable high school student who’s obsessed with Magical Girls and all things adorable (talk about relatable). She isn’t too sure what she wants to do after finishing school and mostly just wishes she could be a magical girl and do all of the cool stuff her hero Astro-Bunny does. Luckily for Lia, that might actually be possible!

Princess Love♥Pon is a wonderful story, I’m completely invested in Lia and her friends and I look forward to every update. The art is stunning and oh so pink!

You can read Princess Love♥Pon here!

Zodiac Starforce

Zodiac Starforce is a new comics from Dark Horse written by Kevin Panetta with art by Paulina Ganucheau. The first issue is due to be released on August 26th and I can’t wait! The art is gorgeous, the costumes are adorable and the monsters are creepy as heck! Plus, this blurb by Kate Leth (who writes Power Up!) really sold it for me:

Zodiac Starforce is everything I want in a modern magical girl story—friendship, diversity, sweet battles and enviable costumes. Kevin and Paulina have crafted a both stunningly beautiful and heartfelt adventure series I honestly can’t wait to read.”

I’m so excited to read Zodiac Starforce, I just wish the 26th would hurry up already!

Are there any Magical Girl comics you love? Let me know!




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