BEDA Day 16: Comics & Music!

ratsssI’m going to be honest with you guys, I haven’t been having a great week. It’s been a little light on the ups and heavy on the downs. Weeks like this always make me grateful for my love of reading, it never falters on me and is always there when I need to escape like a get-away-car full of hugs and sparkles.

One book in particular that I always turn to when things get a little crappy is Rat Queens. Rat Queens is the perfect cheer-up read. It’s hilarious but heartfelt and gives you endless opportunities to sort out all of those messy emotions. You will laugh, you might cry and you will come out the other side feeling better. Probably totally bad-ass too.

Another thing that always cheers me up is music, pop music in particular. The sugary the better. I like girl-bands, infectious beats and songs that celebrate women and everything that we are.

Pop music and Rat Queens might not seem like they even exist in the same world but both are full of passion, compassion and fun and that makes them a perfect fit!

So during my terrible week I mixed my two loves, I popped in my headphones and revisited Dee, Betty, Violet and Hannah. And it was wonderful.

It was so wonderful that I put together a playlist of my favourite songs to listen to while hanging out in Palisade, you can find it here!





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