Feminist Festivities: A Comic Gift Guide!


Christmas is only nine sleeps away and I’m willing to bet a few of you have reached that hectic part of the festive season that not even an entire tub of Roses can save. The realisation that you’re flat out of ideas for that last, pesky gift. Here are some feminist comics that can bring a little fire to anyone’s belly, no matter how much turkey is already in there.

Bitch Planet



Set on a planet where women found to be non-compliant are imprisoned, Bitch Planet is aggressively feminist and completely glorious. It’s incredibly diverse and full of different perspectives. The women are all unique and wonderful in their own ways and each lovingly created as complete characters.



I might mention Lumberjanes a little too much but I can’t make a list of feminist comics without the badass hardcore lady-types of Miss Quinzella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet’s Camp. Lumberjanes is extra special because it’s an all-ages friendly, fiercely feminist comic about a group of friends kicking butts and roasting marshmallows. It’s full of representation and infinitely quotable. (I especially recommend the new To The Max Edition which I can’t stop hugging and weeping happy, glittery tears over.)


Red Sonja


A lot of people’s first reaction to Red Sonja might be a scoff or an eye-roll but those people really need to look a little closer. Since being lovingly scooped up by Queen Gail Simone Sonja has become a glowing emblem of stinky, drunken, beautiful woman-power. Don’t be deceived by the bikini, it in itself has become a feminist symbol worn by a woman in total command of herself, even when blind drunk. You can read a little more of my smitten Red Sonja rambling here!

Keep an eye out for more posts soon and in the meantime maybe check out the graphic novel gift guide I did over here!




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