A Bookish Day in Derry

I love where I live more than I ever thought possible. Moving here was a desperate sleep deprived at 5am decision but remains one of the best we’ve ever made. So much has improved so drastically and the things that couldn’t be fixed so easily now actually have a chance. There’s only one problem with this beautiful little town…a devastating lack of bookshops.

We have two small and under-stocked newsagent type book shops that I’m super grateful for but I miss that bookshop feel. The smell, the quiet and the comfort. I could spend all day in a bookshop, which is saying a lot considering how little I leave the house!

Recently our very best bestie bean Weezy came to visit for the weekend and we went on an adventure to Derry. Derry is only 20 or so minutes from my town but I’d never been before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Turns out Derry is pretty great, it’s a lovely city with an absolute ton of cool antique and vintage shops, gorgeous architecture and bookshops so cute you’d move in if they’d let you. My anxiety makes new places difficult and I get very stressed very easily but the little city had such a friendly feeling and warm atmosphere that I was able to really enjoy myself.

foyle 3

The first bookshop we visited was called Foyle Books and was in the cuter-than-you-can-even-imagine craft village. Every inch of every wall was covered in books and the floor was scattered with boxes that held even more. The shelves were so high that the tops shelves were just a blur to tiny 5-foot-nothing me!

foyle 1

foyle 2

The next bookshop was called Little Acorns and it might be the most adorable one I’ve ever set foot in. It takes up one big corner of The Yellow Yard, a shop that has everything you never knew you needed like eclectic old records, bright yellow type-writers and old fur coats. It was full to the brim, practically overflowing with new and old books, bookish gifts and art. The kids section was covered in twinkling fairy lights and so full of colour I imagine one glance would brighten even the grumpiest of grumps.

derry 6

derry 2

derry 1

derry 3

derry 4

We popped into the gigantic Easons and Primark too and I picked up a couple of books I didn’t need and a pair of very sparkly shoes I definitely didn’t need.

If you want to see more of our bookish day in Derry it’s all in my new video!




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