Hi! My name is Meg, I’m an Irish author currently hiding away in Donegal where everything is beautiful and the hailstones are the size of cats. Speaking of cats, my girlfriend and I have two: Starbuck and Ororo! We have a little pup named George too so you may be bombarded with pictures of my little fur family if you stick around a while.

My very first book, The Space Between is being published in early 2017 by the incredible Little Island. It used to be called Mouse, which you may notice mentioned a lot in some older posts. It’s very gay, very personal and has a very happy ending.

I’m all about inclusive own-voices lit and have made it my mission to fill the shelves with happy, diverse stories.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog, I hope you like what you find here!



Contact: meg.c.grehan@gmail.com556035_10200663052529418_987295150_n