Bookish (& Comic) Resolutions


Saturday will usually be an update on what I’ve been reading, but since I’ve been posting extra this week you already know which books I’ve had my nose buried in! So instead I thought I would share some of my book and comic related resolutions for this year.

Bookish Resolutions

My main goal for this year is to read whatever the heck I want! I want to get back to really truly loving books, this time without the self-imposed pressure to read everything out there (whether I like them or not).

I also want to incorporate the books I read into my blog and youtube a little more by writing and filming more reviews and discussions. I always take notes when I read so I may as well start sharing them a little more!

Comic Resolutions

Cut that pull list WAY down.
My pull is so big that sometimes its overwhelming and a little too easy to fall behind. I have a ridiculous and infuriating need to know everything happening in comics and to seem like an expert. To be honest, all that does is zap the fun right out of comics. I love them so much, they make me feel so happy and comforted and I’d hate to destroy that for myself. So this year I’m going to practice the ancient art of… the trade-wait dun dun DUN.

As of right now my pull consists of only ten titles (I’m considering making a video about the chosen ones, let me know if you think I should) with an extra 5 spaces for first issues or the comics I just need to read in singles. If during any month my pull exceeds 15 titles I have to chop it back down again! I’m hoping this will help me relax a bit and really enjoy the comics I love, whether they’re singles or trades.

Also, more graphic novels. Good lord I love graphic novels.

What are some of your bookish(or comic-y) resolutions for 2016? Let me know!




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