My Top 15 Reads of 2015 | #15 – #6

2015 has been full of some pretty great comics and graphic novels so picking only 15 favourites was tough. So tough that putting them in order was impossible! My top five will be up on my youtube tomorrow but until then, here are ten of the comics and books that added some extra sparkle to my year!

Help Us! Great WarriorHelp-Us-Great-Warrior-001-Variant

She’s a tiny green bean of pure power and sass and she filled some of my year’s worst moments with laughter and butt-kicking. This is honestly one of my very favourite things I’ve ever read. Great Warrior you teensy nugget of cuteness, you are my hero.

Comixology | Book Depository

Power Uppowerup03F

Power Up was a 6 issue whirlwind of pure fun. Packed with diversity and cute as heck it was the highlight of every month the eclectic, adorable team graced with with their sweet little faces.

Comixology | Book Depository

Zodiac Starforcefisticuffs.jpg

I enjoyed the first few issues of Zodiac Starforce but by the time issue #3 hit I was smitten. The art is beautiful, the story endearing and the outfits way too cool.

Comixology | Book Depository

Ms Marvelms-marel-top-124128.jpg

I mean… Obviously.

Comixology | Book Depository

Clean Room4818578-clean2

To be perfectly honest, Clean Room could be terrible and I would still love it. Its (Queen) Gail Simone’s first creator owned book and any glimpse into her gloriously gruesome brain is a true gift. It’s terrifying and gorgeous and responsible for a hell of a lot of tingly spines.


SuperMutant Magic AcademySuperMutant-Magic-Academy-008

Constantly hilarious, sometimes moving and super addictive. I find myself picking it up every few days and reading a few random pages for an instant attack of the giggles.

Book Depository

Secondspanel from "Seconds" by Bryan Lee O'Malley.

Bryan Lee O’Malley’s past books kind of revolved around a trope that tends to spark a tiny flame of anger in my belly, the Manic Pixie Dream Girl. But his art is so damn cute that I couldn’t resist Seconds and I’m so glad. It’s a beautiful, haunting, manic-pixie-dream-girl-free story that I could read over and over.

Book Depository

Through the Woodsthroughthewoods

Creepy, stunning and gasp-inducing. I loved it so much I have to restrain myself from throwing it at passers by and screaming PLEASE READ IT.

Book Depository


The title is painfully ironic, after four issues DC announced that Doomed would be ending with issue #6 and a little chunk of my heart broke. I didn’t see much about Doomed but I adored this weird little story.

Comixology | Book Depository

Jem and the HologramsJem-and-the-Holograms-2kitydclkucv

It’s so fun, so pink, so inclusive and so, so pretty. I came for the sparkles, stayed for the montages and Stormer/Kimber smooches.

Comixology | Book Depository

Let me know what were your favourite comics this year!




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