Two Perfect Days | Books, Hailstones and Toasties

4 years and 3 apartments ago my girlfriend and I had a perfect day. We’d been living together a few months and were relaxing into our new world of college, life in the city and co-habitating for the very first time. It was a Saturday, it was raining and we were broke. Broke, but in that instantly recognisable and uncontrollable book-buying mood. So we tore our bookshelves apart and made a pile of books we could live without, lugged them into town and exchanged them all for store-credit. We bought all the books we’d had our eyes on for ages, all of the ones we’d sent each other Goodreads links for and carried around the store lovingly before hiding them at the very back of a corner shelf just so no one else could have them.

We carted our haul home in the rain, changed into the comfiest clothes we could find, made a stack of cheese toasties and buckets of tea and fell back into bed.

We spent the rest of the day in bed reading, listening to the torrential Irish rain and arguing over who’s turn it was to go make tea. It was perfect. When we realised it had turned dark around us we ordered pizza and told each other all about what we’d been reading. It felt special, it felt like a day I would think about a lot. So I took some pictures.

ci Yesterday we woke up in desperate need of coffee and a day of being total slobs together. I made fancy coffee (it’s just chocolaty coffee shh) and we snuggled up with our books. It rained, we were together and every bit as in love as all those years ago when so much had changed around us.

That day came flying into my mind with so much detail. I remembered every minute and every thought and feeling that filled it with that odd, heavy sense of importance that only makes sense when you’re right there in the middle of it. Yesterday felt like that and it was amazing.

losersWe read all day. She read a World of Warcraft novel and cried when a particularly noble orc died. I read the Marble Collector by Cecelia Ahern and teared up when a not so noble sibling died. We read each other particularly gross or funny lines, listened to the hailstones bouncing off the roof and argued over who’s turn it was to take the dog out to pee. We even got pizza and ate it in bed, talking about that day and every day since.beanybae

On that first perfect day there was a Hemmingway quote running through my mind;

“We would be together and have our books and at night be warm in bed together with the windows open and the stars bright.”

When I told her she teased me and my 20-year-old pretentious brand of cheesy-ness mercilessly. I’m pretty sure I blushed and called her a jerk. When I repeated the quote this time around-as a slightly less pretentious but every bit as cheesy 24 year old- she had the exact same reaction and I swear I felt my heart grow a little bigger in my chest. She’s such a jerk and I love her so much.

I hope the next four years bring another perfect day in our own little world where it always rains and the blankets never tangle around our feet. I have no idea who or where we’ll be by then but I know without even the tiniest hint of doubt that she’ll tease me and my corny little quote again and I can’t wait.





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