What I’ve Been Reading | Week Two

This week was a pretty good one for reading. It was the last week before life goes back to strict routine and actual productivity. So we read, we were slobs, we ordered too much pizza, we rarely changed out of our pj’s and it was perfect.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week!


The Marble Collector

I wrote about how much I adore Cecelia Ahern’s books recently and since then I’ve been happily surfing an avalanche of her books. The pile keeps growing and I’m happy to report that they still bring me the same comfort as when I was a teen. The Marble Collector is about a woman named Sabrina who comes across a box of marbles, fancy marbles. Her father, who is suffering from memory loss, had lived a life full of them but had kept it secret. As she goes on a mission to track down missing marbles and memories we learn all about her dad’s forgotten childhood and secret life.

It’s a beautiful book, told from the perspectives of both Sabrina and her dad, that takes you one hell of a journey through the past, present and a whole lot of Irish countryside. The writing is beautiful, the distinctive voices are engaging and the story is captivating. I may have cried a little but I definitely snorted, chuckled and gasped a fair amount too.



Everyone, their mothers, fathers, neighbours and pets are obsessed with Outlander. It’s a beast of a book about time-travel, action and romance and is raved about non-stop. I’ve been battling my way through the pages but so far I just can’t connect. I’m not sure why but I’m hoping that as the time-travel and historical factors really take hold I’ll be able to enjoy the story more. As of right now I haven’t really formed any substantial opinions about any of the characters. Except Frank, screw that guy.

The writing is strong and beautifully descriptive but personally my mind just keeps wandering. I’m only a shamefully tiny portion into this one so hopefully we’ll be friends soon, I’ll keep you posted!

royal weddinghyg

Royal Wedding

While in one of my cranky “Outlander is being mean to me” moments I decided to hide that monster of a book under my pillow and curl up with the nice safe, never-mean Princess Diaries. Royal Wedding is the first installment in which Mia is an adult and it’s super weird. It takes a while to get used to a 25 year old Mia, 29 year old Michael and an ancient Fat Louie who no longer eats socks. But Meg Cabot knows her characters so well and it’s so obvious, she’s a little older and little wiser but she still sounds like Mia. I grew up with Mia so reading her now as a 24 year old is surprisingly comforting and so, so much fun. I haven’t finished yet so I’ll write a review once I do but right now I’m really, truly loving Royal Wedding, it’s like being reunited with an old friend.


Deep Dark Fears

Deep Dark Fears started as a webcomic about those odd little monsters our minds make of the most mundane and random things. Artist Fran Krause took inspiration from his and his followers weirdest, most irrational fears and turned them into beautifully illustrated giggle-worthy comics. They now make up one almost annoyingly beautiful book, it’s gorgeous, funny and shockingly relatable. Dealing with agoraphobia means that I have a pretty ridiculous amount of laughably irrational fears but reading what other people are scared of made me feel oddly validated! I could turn the page and see that some of what I would consider to be my least rational and most bonkers fears are shared and maybe I’m not so alone in my fear after all! Plus, it’s just so damn funny.

As for comics, this week was teeny tiny! I only had two books on my new pull – Surviving Megalopolis and Red Sonja. This new limited pull list is definitely going to take some getting used to, this week would have had at least 8 titles before! Both of these issues will be getting their own full reviews so keep an eye out for them next week.

What have you been reading?




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