Who I Am Right Now

Somewhere in my mom’s house, in a dusty corner in a room no one visits anymore is a tower of notebooks full of my secrets. I always had a journal and was always spilling my thoughts onto paper. All of my diaries start the same way, the first page is always a fact-file-ish page, a quick synopsis of who I was at that moment. How I felt, what I liked, what I thought. Those pages are my favourite to read back, seeing how much changed between each one.

So I decided to do the same here on my blog. A bookish snapshot of the person/reader/blogger I am right now, at the start of 2016.

Its pretty fun and I definitely recommend it, if you decide to do it too let me know!

Name: Meg

Age: 24 

Location: Ireland

What I Read: Mostly comics and graphic novels. I used to be all about books, especially YA lit, then we fell out for a little while but we’re working on it! 

Favourite Book(s): Chaos Walking Trilogy by Patrick Ness

Favourite Graphic Novel: Nimona by Noelle Stevenson

Favourite Comic: Lumberjanes and Morning Glories

Favourite Place to Read: If I’m feeling up to it I adore reading in coffee shops, the atmosphere is just so lovely. At home I love to read tucked up in bed with my girlfriend and puppy and lots of blankets, especially if it’s raining! 

Favourite Thing to Listen To When Reading? Ambiance sounds! I like to mix rain sounds with page turning, writing, a roaring fire and a little wind. It’s so relaxing.

Favourite Thing to Drink When Reading: Mocha latte if I’m out, apple cinnamon tea if I’m at home.

Bookmarks or dog ears? Bookmarks! 

Do you annotate or highlight? No but I think I might start. 

Any reading habits? I take notes, I go through notebooks way too fast and a lot of the time my notes don’t make sense after but I really enjoy it and it helps me focus completely on what I’m reading.

What is your number one, top priority bookish resolution for 2016? To fall back in love with reading.

What is one non-bookish resolution for 2016 that you hope to accomplish? I really want to get better at playing ukulele, I really love it but I kind of suck!

Feel free to take these questions and make your post with them, if you do I’d love to read it!




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