Today (A Diary Poem)


was nice

Today was fog

and ice and

“I smell snow”


was pulling the tags

off brand new slippers

Pink pajamas with



peanut butter cups

and tea

Today was cold

Today was blankets

and extra socks

(fuzzy socks)

and red noses

Today was tears

smeared on glasses

Ice standing

little pillars

like people

on the fence

building up up up

a tiny world

Today was Team Jess

Team Logan

Team Jess

and holding hands


when everything

means extra

Today was grey and


“Here is slippy-”

white and


“- Be careful”


was nice



Hello 2016 | The Future of Sparkle Fists

Ok 2016 here’s the deal, I’ve been a pretty bad blogger.

I adore my blog, especially now that I write for other sites the freedom to write exactly what I want when I want is liberating and seriously fun. But with my particular brands of anxiety/depression/this stuff sometimes I just can’t. I can’t write about that particular thing, at that moment and feel like it’s good enough. But, to be honest, screw that! Mental illness affects pretty much every aspect of my life and I’ve now I’ve let it affect this blog, but no more!

I’ve stripped away every rule I made for myself and kicked all self-imposed limitations in the butt. From now on I will blog three times a week and will blog whatever I feel like writing about! Comics, books, life, mental health, all of the things I want to natter on about but worry about being off-topic. I will blog as often as I feel like but my base plan is this: I’m going to be posting every monday, wednesday and saturday. Saturday will always be a chat about what I read during the week but the other two could be anything! More book reviews, comic thoughts, personal posts, picture posts and who knows what else!

Having said all of that, this week will be a little different, I’ll be posting everyday as a part of TBR Takedown, a readathon I’m taking part in. Once the readathon is over the three-a-week plan takes over and I can’t wait!

The little flame in my belly that is fueled only by writing is ready to go and I’m feeling more determined and optimistic than I have in a while.

This blog is my happy place, I hope that this year I can embrace and spread that a little more.