The Space Between | Writing Update

Hello, it's been a while! If you've been around a little while you may have seen me mention a project called Mouse. Mouse was a verse novel I started working on around this time last year when my agoraphobia and depression were at their worst. Well, we're now only 25 days away from the official [...]


Make Yourself Proud | Writing Update

Hello again! So, if you've been around a while you've probably seen me mention Mouse. Mouse is a novel I decided to work on earlier this year that then completely took over my life. Actually, I guess I kind of handed my life to it and oh thank goodness it was completely worth it. I've [...]

Cecelia Ahern, Nostalgia & Tea Stains

To be perfectly honest, today I mostly watched Quantico (so good holy moly) in my pjs, feeling sorry for myself and eating cinnamon bagels. But eventually the need to read crept up and hey, readathons don't last forever so I heaved myself out of my grumpy sofa butt groove and got to it. Today I [...]