Make Yourself Proud | Writing Update

Hello again!

So, if you’ve been around a while you’ve probably seen me mention Mouse. Mouse is a novel I decided to work on earlier this year that then completely took over my life. Actually, I guess I kind of handed my life to it and oh thank goodness it was completely worth it. I’ve now finished Mouse. Finished! It went from a vague idea to four whole packs of sticky notes covering the windows to a messy as all heck google doc to a full on manuscript and I still kind of can’t believe I actually did it.

It was tough, my brain isn’t the most consistent or hospitable at the best of times but we rallied and I genuinely think Mouse has helped me and my mind-quirks learn to cohabitate a whole lot better. I feel so proud of Mouse and of myself and it’s the first time in a  while I feel completely Myself.

Which is good, because I’m now in entirely new territory taking a terrifying step that I didn’t actually think I’d reach. I’m working on making Mouse a thing. A thing that people could read and like or love or hate or put on a shelf and forget about. Right now Mouse is off with the lit agency of my dreams and I’m refreshing my email like it controls the air supply. I’m ready for the rejection letters and I’m ready to take notes and make changes. I thought it would be more nerve-wracking, to be honest. I usually fear failure to a ridiculous degree but with this, I feel like I can’t fail because (prepare for cheese) I’ve already won. I wrote a whole novel! In verse! A whole (maybe someday fingers crossed) book! My brain that regularly shuts down and hides managed to write a whole book. A book I’m proud of no less. I thought I would hide it away and keep it safe from anyone that could read and criticise it but instead, I want it to be read! I want opinions and notes and I want it to be the best it can be and oh my giddy, giddy aunt does it feel amazing.

I’ll keep you updated on Mouse’s journey, no doubt it’s going to be a long and rejection filled one but it’s one I’m finally ready for.






Writing used to be my absolute favourite thing to do.

As a kid I spent hours in my room writing stories about fairies and mermaids. As a teenager I spent every class secretly writing stories about silly love triangles and disastrous dates. I loved it, I pestered friends and family to give their critiques of my “latest story” and begged shamelessly for a laptop for my 15th birthday so I could write in coffee shops like real authors do. I would dress how I thought an author would, sip from a mug larger than my face and listen to Demi Lovato too loudly through my headphones. I always ordered hot chocolate and pretended it was coffee but it did the trick.

Once I got to college all writing time had to be sacrificed to work and assignments and trying to cram in a couple of hours of sleep. I worked way too much and way too late and quickly abandoned writing my little stories. After a while I felt like I’d completely forgotten how and I was so scared I’d never get it back. The fear lasted a year or two before I started writing reviews and articles and discussion pieces. They filled the tiny void in my heart for a while but I still missed writing stories. I missed my characters and my make-believe settings.

So, in the words of my queen, Demi Lovato, here we go again. I’m jumping back in and reclaiming what used to be my favourite thing. I don’t want to be afraid of something I love anymore so it may not be good or even comprehensible but I will write! This time around I’ll dress like me, drink actual coffee and listen to… still Demi Lovato. Some things never change.

The project I’m working on is called Mouse and I’m really very excited about it. The prologue is up now my WattPad so you can read it here if you want. I’ll be updating now and then so follow if you feel like it!